Additional resources to explore:

webinar on micro-podcasting. - "The Foreign Language Teaching Forum is an integrated service for FL teachers, dedicated to encouraging communication, sharing, and collaboration at all levels." - look at bottom of page for a list of super links for FL educators - lesson plans, activities, resources, & museums/exhibits - teacher guides & tools; journals, newsletters, & blogs; resource directories, databases, bibliographies, & webinards; language materials for K-12; Language Teaching Materials for specific languages; & meeting on social networks (Twitter, YouTube Channels, & Facebook) - Teaching Foreign Languages K - 12 is a video library illustrating effective instruction and assessment strategies for teaching foreign languages. - webtool for FL teachers

Option in SmartNotebook that will recognize the language that is written on the board.


Eight Free tools for Teachers to Make Awesome Infographics
NOOKS - Foreign Language Nook Books - How to Find Foreign Language Books in the Nook Store blog,4817 - Nook apps
APPS - list of apps (all subjects) - apps (esp. look at world lang. ones) - Apps for FL classes article then resources listed - FREE world language apps
MISC. - Web 2.0 Tools article then lots of resources hyperlinked - technology in FL wiki